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Project Updates

  Ayala Land North Point Estate  
  Wednesday, Jul 25, 2012
  Premier developer, Ayala Land continues to strengthen its presence in the Visayas-Mindanao region. In the recent years Ayala Land has created significant developments that enrich lives of the community such as Abreeza Mall in Davao, Alegria Hills in Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo TechnoHub in Iloilo City, and North Point- the mixed-use development in Negros Occidental. With 19 percent of its total properties dedicated to the Visayas-Mindanao area, Ayala Land intends to attract more business and customers to this region. Read more...
  Ayala Land sets another milestone in Negros Occidental  
  Friday, Jul 1, 2011
  Ayala Land, Inc. continues to reinforce its growing presence in the VisMin region, breaking ground last Monday, June 13, for the Ayala North Point Community Center in Talisay City, Negros Occidental. Read more...
  Ayala Land to Launch Newest Project  
  Friday, Jun 24, 2011

Ayala Land, the leading real estate developer in the country, will launch its newest residential project at the Ayala North Point in Talisay City on July 16.

  Ayala Land offers more lots with The Gardens at Ayala North Point  
  Friday, Jun 24, 2011

Ayala Land, the country's leading real estate developer is set to offer more lots in premier residential subdivision - Ayala North Point (ANP) - with the opening of The Gardens.

  Ayala Land eyes more potential development sites in Neg. Occ.  
  Friday, Jun 24, 2011

Ayala Land, the leading real estate developer in the country, is eyeing other potential sites in Negros Occidental that could be developed aside from the present 215-hectare Ayala North Point in Talisay City.

  Ayala opening P200M phase 4 development  
  Friday, Jun 24, 2011
  Ayala Land is set offer more lots for sale at Ayala North Point in Talisay City, on July 16 with the opening of The Gardens, its officials announced yesterday. Read more...
  Negros-Based Ayala North Point 'Bullish' Despite Economic Setbacks  
  Thursday, Jun 23, 2011

No less than the President of the Ayala controlled Bank of the Philippine Island Aurelio Montinola III forecasted a slowdown of real estate economic engine but through these all, the Ayala North Point held the press launch of "The Gardens" yesterday.

  The Gardens  
  Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011

Ayala Land, the countrys leading real estate developer is set to offer more lots in premier residential subdivision, Ayala North Point, with the opening of The Gardens.

The Gardens at Ayala North Point offers 34 additional lots to this growing community - the first Ayala Land Premier subdivision in the Western Visayas. These lots are classified into village lots, village prime lots, trail lots, trail prime and trail prime lots.

  A feast for the senses awaits  
  Wednesday, Jun 22, 2011

The Gardens at Ayala North Point open to tour your senses and caress your soul with natures gifts. Amidst the grand residences of Ayala North Point are four garden sanctuaries Aroma, Vista, Terra and Aria.

The Aroma garden brings tranquillity with the scent of its lush dewy flowers and fruit trees. Walking through Aroma is a spa for the soul experience that is truly invigorating.

  Ayala Land unveils integrated community  
  Wednesday, Mar 30, 2011

The country's leading developer, Ayala Land launches yet another integrated, master-planned and mixed-use community today here in Negros.

  Ayala Land Breaks Ground for Talisay BPO Campus  
  Friday, Oct 1, 2010

Last September 28, Ayala Land, Inc.  broke ground for its first Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) campus in the city of  Talisay, Negros Occidental. The Ayala North Point TechnoHub is envisioned to be a fully-integrated Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services community designed for 24x7 operations.

  A distinctive living experience in Negros  
  Friday, May 7, 2010
  Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) brings families to their true-north ??? a distinctive community that only Ayala Land Premier can deliver. Ayala North Point, an 88-hectare high-end residential property, introduces a new signature amenity that further raises the bar of luxury among residential communities in Negros. Read more...
  Ayala North Point phase 3 offers green putting facility  
  Saturday, Mar 27, 2010
  Premier real estate developer Ayala Land Inc. launched the newest addition to Ayala North Point's high-end features and amenities in a summer family fun day event. The two putting greens inside a 3,159-square-meter park located in the middle of Ayala North Point's phase 3 is designed with a gazebo in the mi9ddle of sprawling greenery. Read more...
  Summer Fun Day at Ayala North Point  
  Thursday, Mar 25, 2010

The country's largest real estate developer Ayala Land Inc. (ALI) gathers families and friends for a summer fun day on Saturday, March 27, 2010 inside Negros' premier residential address, Ayala North Point. 

  Sadhana Garden: Path to Intimacy with Nature  
  Monday, Sep 8, 2008

Man "cultured" his mind with the sophistication of what is acceptably correct. He will fight for it, exhaust his resources to achieve it, others, perhaps will die for what is thought to be correct. Paradoxically, what is correct did not result into peace. There are side effects that proved to be destructive.


Sadly, "what is correct" seeped even into man's supposedly refuge. His place called home is not spared from the destruction. Homes are not spared from stressful argumentation inside. Sadly, the skills of argumentation is a necessary element of what is correct, the noise is created is taken for granted.


The Talisay Ayala North Point's (ANP) did not sit in the fence. A 3,500 square meter Sadhana Garden was built calling ANP homeowners to a life characterized by the simplicity of silence. ANP's Sadhana Garden is teeming with trees, flora and fauna and an ambiance where the low monotone sound of water is heard. Though meant to be a sanctuary, it is rather an 'exclamation' that the 'destruction of correct' must be reversed.

  Ayala North Point celebrates Negros' best on its 10th anniversary  
  Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007
  AYALA NORTH POINT (ANP), considered as the premier residential address in Negros, celebrated its 10th anniversary recently in its village clubhouse by paying tribute to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Negros Occidental. Read more...
  Premiere residential address marks 10th year  
  Wednesday, Nov 28, 2007
  The rich historical and cultural heritage of Negros Occidental was featured during the 10th anniversary celebration of Ayala North Point, the premiere residential address in Western Visayas, held at its village clubhouse, in Talisay City, recently, a press release from event organizers said. Read more...
  Garden Dedication Held  
  Tuesday, Nov 13, 2007
  The premier residential address in Negros, Ayala North Point which is now making available its third phase of development, held a dedication ceremony for Sadhana Garden last Saturday, a press release from the management said. Read more...
  Living a Legacy of Enduring Value at Ayala North Point  
  Saturday, Sep 29, 2007
  Celebrating its 10th year anniversary, Ayala North Point pays tribute to the rich historical and cultural heritage of Negros Occidental and its people in a festivity commemorating old traditions and new beginnings. Read more...
  Caltex Station at Ayala North Point  
  Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007
  A Caltex Negros North Point Service Station located at Ayala North Point's retail strip was formally blessed last March 3. Read more...
  A School Campus and A Star at Ayala North Point  
  Friday, Dec 29, 2006
  Ayala North Point, nine years after its groundbreaking in 1997, is taking shape as the premier residential address in Negros.  This growing community already has thirty-four beautiful homes that will soon have thirteen new houses added to the landscape. Read more...
  Fly High Like Kites in the Sky  
  Sunday, Apr 16, 2006

Easter Sunday is a celebration of life and rebirth, we have confessed our sins, repented and forgave.  Now we are to begin with a new leaf in our life, just like a kite, mafe gently out of the Japanese papaer, strips of bamboo, a yarn and glue.  Then when blown by the wind it will fly high.  Like our lives, a kite also needs balance and stability.

  Christmas Fun Day at Ayala North Point  
  Friday, Dec 16, 2005

It's Christmas time once again.

"Homeowners, lotowners, and guests trooped to the Clubhouse of Ayala North Point to enjoy the various activities during the Christmas Family Fun Day last December 3, 2005.

  The Many Faces of Ayala North Point  
  Tuesday, Nov 1, 2005
  Nestled on what used to be a vast sugarcane plantation, today Ayala North Point lies sprawling under the glorious sun, surrounded by lush coconut plantation that gives the soothing ambience for relaxation and comfort. Read more...
  'Excellent Mindset' Business Confab Set  
  Thursday, Jun 23, 2005
  Ayala Land, Inc. is sponsoring a business symposium specifically arranged for the Chinese-Filipino community at the ALI Clubhouse in Talisay City on June 29, a press release from the Bacolod Filipino-Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. said yesterday. Read more...
  The A Team  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004

Ambition is the fuel that drives success. It is with this passion that a company is able to stay ahead and deliver results to the client.

  Ayala Offers North Point in Bacolod  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  Negrenses residing elsewhere can now go back to their home province to enjoy amenities of a first class residential subdivision. This is the experince offered by Ayala North Point in Bacolod City.    Read more...
  A Gift of Legacy  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  As part the first real estate fair in Bacolod, STAR BUSINESS is running this series on some of the real estate projects in the city and Negros Occidental.  Read more...
  Ayala North Point Community Grows with Easy Payment Schemes  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004

The community at Ayala North Point continues to grow as more lot owners build homes at Negros premier residential address. 

The Ayala development is now home to 12 families, with five more houses shaping up. 

  Ayala North Point Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004

Ayala North Point is celebrating its 5th year anniversary on Saturday, October 11 with a retro-party at the village clubhouse. Expected to attend this grand celebration are the lot owners, residents, government officials, media personalities and a number of guests. 

  Ayala North Point Launches Phase Two and Village Clubhouse  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  Ayala Lands residential project Ayala North Point opens Phase Two with a formal launch this Saturday, April 13 at the subdivisions newly-constructed Village Clubhouse. 
  Ayala North Point Opens Phase 2B  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  Ayala North Point in Talisay City is an integrated master planned real estate development that includes sites for school and retail that surely add value to the residential estate. North Point is now home to 11 families with more building their future homes (on a budget of not less than P2 million according to the deed of restrictions). 
  Ayalas 1st Christmas Bazaar  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004

You will really know that Christmas is in the air with all the bazaars, mall and department store sales and flea markets mushrooming in every nook and cranny of the city. Being in the last month of the year, with salaries paid and Christmas bonuses received, business establishments have seen the opportunity for hard earned cash to be put to good use with bargain finds. 

  The Ayala Vismin Team Negros Moves to Nwe Base at Project Site  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  The Ayala Land Vismin Team in Negros has moved to an office at the project site. The Ayala North Point and Plantazionne Verdana Homes teams, headed by manager Luchi Pretta, moved into their new office at Talisay City, Negros Occidental recently. Read more...
  World-class Facilities at Ayala North Point  
  Monday, Jul 5, 2004
  Following the tradition of providing the best amenities to its development projects, Ayala Land has built a world-class facility for the Village Clubhouse at its high-end subdivision, Ayala North Point. The clubhouse sits on an area of 1.91 hectares and boasts of a free-form swimming pool, two tennis courts, and indoor basketball court, social hall, a mini-gym, childrens playground and park.  Read more...